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Over the past sixty years or so, southeastern states have experienced a rural and urban population explosion largely due to moderate weather, low tax rates, water accessibility, affordable housing, and job opportunities. Florida has been leading the way as one of the fastest growing states in the nation. But with all this growth comes additional traffic especially commercial vehicles sharing our roadways, interstates and urban areas delivering or transporting goods to market in our ever-expanding economy. Today more than ever, the amount of large trucks sharing our roads poses a danger to smaller, non-commercial vehicles, such as cars, cyclists and even pedestrians. Automobile drivers are especially at risk of injury and even death if involved in a collision with a truck or semi. Unfortunately, trucking accidents are becoming more common simply because there are more trucks on the road.

According to industry statistics, 12% of all traffic related fatalities involve a commercial vehicle, large truck or semi. Florida is experiencing hundreds of trucking accidents each year, many involving serious injury or death. The chances of being seriously injured in a trucking accident is much greater than any other vehicle mishap. Trucking accidents can also be complicated claims which may involve an independent trucker or commercial trucking or transport company, many headquartered out-of-state. Trucking accidents can occur because of a wide range of issues including poor or limited visibility, limited sleep over long continuous hours behind the wheel, roadway conditions, inclement weather, meeting delivery schedules, improper vehicle lighting or poor vehicle maintenance. These factors can present a dangerous situation for truckers as well as the general public. If you or a loved one have been involved in a trucking accident, Will Kurtz is an experienced personal injury attorney who has represented numerous victims of commercial trucking accidents. Will has seen first-hand the damage a negligent truck driver or trucking company can cause. He understands that injured truck accident victims experience a life altering event that can severely limit their ability to work, pay bills and live a productive life. Many experience a great deal of pain and suffering, and in some cases die from their injuries creating a wrongful death claim. On a daily basis, Will fights with insurance companies who try to limit their exposure and the amount of compensation they are willing to payout for their claims. Will understands how insurance companies work and has been successful in obtaining the maximum recovery sought for his injured clients.

Florida’s Most Common Trucking Accidents

The most common commercial trucks on Florida’s roads today are flatbed and enclosed box trucks. These vehicles do most of the hauling and transporting of goods so it is no wonder they are involved in the majority of trucking accidents that occur. They are the most common trucks used for interstate transport and large delivery consignments because of their freight hauling capacity. Other trucks such as dump trucks, logging trucks, automobile transports and general commercial vehicles make up the remainder of trucks one might encounter on the roadways today. Trucks pose a very real threat because of their sheer size and weight and if one is involved in a collision, the results can be devastating. It is the responsibility of all drivers who operate a motor vehicle to drive safely and have control of their vehicle at all times. Drivers must take into account, traffic congestion, road and weather conditions, visibility and must maintain their vehicle in good operating order, free of damaged equipment, worn tires, faulty brakes and other, essential vehicle operating systems. Truck drivers or trucking companies who do not inspect their trucks on a regular basis, put at risk, all who share the road and are accountable for any injury or damage they cause due to poorly maintained vehicles. If you have been injured in a truck accident that was not your fault you need to seek professional legal counsel who specializes in personal injury representation.

Why Choose the Law Office of William W. Kurtz Jr., P.A.

Will Kurtz is an experienced trial lawyer having been an Assistant State Attorney with extensive courtroom experience. Not all injury cases end up in trial, but in the event the insurance company refuses to grant just and fair compensation for your injuries it’s important to have an experienced trial lawyer at your side. Will and his legal staff understand the emotional and physical trauma associated with being injured in a trucking accident.

  1. How can you pay your bills when you can’t work?
  2. Who will see that you get the best medical treatment available for your injuries?
  3. What about compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced due to someone else’s negligence?
  4. What aggressive action needs to be taken on your behalf to recover the maximum compensation?

Will is committed to helping his clients through this difficult time and understand that being injured by a truck, semi-truck or commercial vehicle can leave scars long after the case is settled. If you or a loved one have been injured because of someone else’s mistake give us a call at 904-674-3390 for a free consultation and case evaluation. We want to review the facts in your case and protect your rights to receive fair compensation for your injuries. There are no fees or costs associated with your case unless we win money for you.

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Mr. Kurtz got us a fair settlement after my wife's devastating car accident. He negotiated with the insurance companies and the medical providers to get our medical bills reduced. He has a thorough knowledge of the workings of the the insurance trade. I would recommend him in the event you have an accident.

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