St Johns County Car Accidents

St Johns County is fast becoming a very dangerous place to drive according to Florida Integrated Report Exchange Portal.  Accidents are on the rise and everything from tailgating to distracted driving has been cited as the root cause of these accidents. Recently, new traffic data is showing a slight increase in overall car accidents from 2017 to 2018. In 2018 there were a total of 3,599 total accidents in St Johns County, resulting in 1,969 total injuries and 27 fatalities.

According to the US Census between 2017-2018 St Johns County had a population growth of over 4.2%, making it the eighth fastest growing county in the country. As the population continues to grow so will the number of accidents that will plague our streets and highways.

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Public Safety our Chief Concern

According to police, secondary emergency response efforts have been thwarted due to excessive grid-locking phone traffic. Drivers feeling the frustration while driving in slow or non-moving traffic have been phoning into police, making an already strained dispatch system even more congested with unnecessary phone calls. The end result is a public safety concern because dispatchers and police are responding to traffic issues coupled with all of the other emergency situations that arise. During peak hours of operation, weekdays, 6:30 am – 9 am and 4:30 pm – 6 pm, and on weekends during daylight hours, St Johns County has become a very dangerous place to drive for both passengers and drivers alike. There are additional concerns involving road rage. Frustrated drivers that are displaying aggressive behaviors such as tailgating or constantly switching from one lane to another to get ahead of traffic.

Police and Safety Officials Concerned About Automobile Accidents

With the density of traffic mounting, it has become almost impossible for police to manage drivers and their driving behaviors on roadways like I-95. Gridlock is an unavoidable reality for commuters who use the highway regularly.

Due to the overwhelming expansion of our roads and highways, congestion is a concern for our Police and Fire Rescue. Vehicle accidents are becoming all too common, causing overwhelming congestion, and increasing our emergency vehicles response time to be able to assist those in need.  

St Johns Car Accident Attorney

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