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One thing that every motorcyclist has in common is that they literally take their life into their own hands every time they start-up their motorcycles and head out on to the open road. It would be one thing if those roads lacked congestion and overcrowding but with St Johns County’s rapid population growth there are more vehicles on the roads today than ever before. For that reason alone, driving any kind of motor vehicle has become dangerous, but riding on a motorcycle in today’s fast-paced, distraction-rich environment has become hazardous to your health. According to recent Florida Department of Motor Vehicle records, over 2000 reported motorcycle accidents occur each year. Often times motorcyclists are blamed for causing the accidents, but records show that on average, 80% percent of motorcycle accidents are actually charged to other careless and negligent drivers. Unfortunately, motorcyclists involved in even minor accidents are at risk of serious injuries or even death. Lack of protection coupled with speed, compounded by being hit by a heavy object such as a car or truck is a recipe for disaster. It's no wonder that 2 in 5 motorcycle accidents result in a serious injury of the cyclist or passenger. Bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, brain damage, and dismemberment make up the more serious injuries causing victims to face high medical bills, loss of wages and income, and having to cope with emotional stress, and in many cases PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Motorcycle accident victims have a significantly higher rate of serious injuries than those involved in car accidents. At the Law Offices of William W. Kurtz, Jr., P.A. we handle all types of motorcycle accident cases and seek to hold those accountable for their negligent actions. If you or a loved one have been injured by the careless actions of another you need to seek legal counsel to protect your rights. Will Kurtz is an experienced and knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney, that believes victims should not be punished for the negligence of others, and that fair and just compensation for their injuries should be awarded. Contact Will today for your free no obligation consultation (904) 674-3390.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in St Augustine

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents in St Johns county occur in large part to the following:

Driver Error and Driving Impairment

Among the reasons why motorcycle accidents occur is due in large part to automobile driver error. These include:

  1. Texting while driving/distracted driving
  2. Riding in a vehicles blind spot.
  3. Driving at high rates of speed in traffic.
  4. Failing to use proper signals when changing lanes or turning.
  5. Lack of caution at heavy congested intersections.
  6. Operating a vehicle while impaired (drugs or alcohol)

In every accident, there is negligent behavior or error that causes the accident.  It is very important when operating a motorcycle to be aware of every factor that could contribute to an accident. Cyclists need to show extreme caution when operating a motorcycle and can never assume a driver sees them, and should always anticipate other driver’s intentions like changing lanes, turning or stopping their vehicle. Additionally, all drivers regardless of the vehicle type they operate, need to drive defensively and anticipate the actions of others they share the road with. Exercising a little common sense can save lives and maybe even their own.


By far, the most dangerous place that exists for accidents occurring is at intersections and crosswalks. This is due to numerous factors which include: road debris, collected fluids such as oil, coolant, brake and transmission, people running red lights, and distracted drivers. It is for this reason that the most dangerous place for motorcycle accidents to occur is at an intersection. Intersections present six different accident posing positions, and if you combined vehicles turning into and across traffic, head-on collisions become a very real possibility.

Road Conditions

As a continually growing state, Florida’s roadways are under duress and in constant need of repairs, maintenance, and expansion. St Johns county, which includes St Augustine, St Johns, Nocatee, and Ponte Vedra is the nation’s 14th fastest growing county. With this rapid expansion, hazardous road conditions are widespread throughout our area. Common hazards include congested roadways, construction sites, uneven pavement and road surfaces, and road debris. All these factors are a major contributor to creating unsafe driving conditions for motorcycles, automobiles and commercial vehicles. Motorcycles are more susceptible to a simple pot hole or small amount of road debris than 4 wheeled vehicles and as such holds a tremendous amount of danger for the average motorcyclist.  Many accidents are the result of conditions outside of the motorcyclist’s control. Inclement weather also takes its toll on Florida roadways. With the typical rain and wind storms that hit the state on almost a weekly basis, slick roads and standing water can further exacerbate an already dangerous situation.

Motorcycle Themselves

Motorcycles have one thing in common and that is that they are small, short, lightweight, narrow and low to the ground objects. This makes them extremely difficult to spot both by cars and trucks. Unlike automobiles, motorcycles often times become invisible to the average driver. Motorcycles provide no protection for their drivers and passengers and even the wearing of helmets, gloves, protective clothing and goggles does not always provide enough protection to evade serious injury and death. Head and massive bodily injuries are many times the result of an accident and chances are if you operate a motorcycle for any length of time you too will be involved in an accident that was probably not your fault.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Will Kurtz is an experienced motorcycle accident attorney handling all types of injury and wrongful death cases. Will has fought numerous battles with insurance companies who sought to reduce or deny claims of motorcycle victims. Will also understands the mentality of motorcyclists and knows the thrills and imminent fears associated with riding. He has also seen first-hand the varying degrees of injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents often times severe and requiring long-term care to resolve.

Drivers that act irresponsibly and injure motorcyclists and or their passengers have a legal obligation to return the injured to a pre-accident condition. That requires compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, current and future medical care, emotional distress and other damages caused by the accident. If the subsequent motorcycle accident resulted in death, Will is a skilled attorney in wrongful death suits on behalf of the victim’s family. By fighting on your behalf, and holding those accountable for their wrongful actions, Will is working to make the roads of Florida a safer place for motorcyclists. Call Will today for a free consultation (904) 674-3390.

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