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Truck Driver Guidelines

Truck drivers, because of their responsibility of operating a commercial vehicle on a thoroughfare, are held to a very high standard of accountability when involved in a crash. Truck drivers must have specialized training and meet numerous requirements while operating their vehicle. They are held to rigid standards of defensive driving and must learn how…
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St Johns County Car Accidents

St Johns County is fast becoming a very dangerous place to drive according to Florida Integrated Report Exchange Portal.  Accidents are on the rise and everything from tailgating to distracted driving has been cited as the root cause of these accidents. Recently, new traffic data is showing a slight increase in overall car accidents from 2017 to…
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St Augustine Drivers and Road Rage

Americans are famous for exercising their rights to free speech, and unfortunately, this protected right is manifesting itself into what some would call aggressive driving antics and in certain instances, road rage.  More and more this kind of driving behavior is being displayed on our streets and highways all around St Augustine. Make a mistake…
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Dangers of Distracted Driving

Almost every time we get behind the wheel of a car our driving space is affected by drivers who are distracted by cell phone calls, texting and other distractions. We see it all the time with drivers driving under the speed limit in the right hand lane, or drivers on cell phone devices making turns…
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Wrongful Death Attorney

What is Wrongful Death? In legal terms, wrongful death is a death that occurs as a result of someone else’s negligence, that could involve any accidental or unintentional event involving a car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, medical mistake, prescription, drug administered, nursing home abuse or defective product. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one…
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St Augustine Car Accident Victims – Top 10 Mistakes

If you have been involved in a car accident, you know how traumatic the experience really is. It is very common, especially if the accident involves serious injuries, not to focus your attention on protecting your legal rights at the time the accident occurred. Many common mistakes are made by innocent victims when it comes…
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