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Firm Overview

The Law Offices of William W. Kurtz Jr., P.A., I hope, is a different kind of law firm. Born out of the discipline and dedication of service to my country, I started this law firm to ensure that every single client has a voice so that their story would be told. When you are a client of a larger law firm you are a number, passed off from one attorney to another. Sometimes you can be passed off to three or more attorneys before your case is resolved. And this delays justice. Too many times when I was a trial attorney at one of the larger firms in town, I would see where this “handing off” of clients from one attorney to another would cause the firm to lose sight of what was important in a particular case. Things can get missed or forgotten. Sometimes they were very important things. So I decided that I would create a law firm that was dedicated to telling the story of each and every client. A law firm that was leaner and meaner than the rest. A law firm that knows its clients. One that knows their stories. Because I believe that at the end of the day your story isn’t something that has just happened to you – your story is part of what makes you who you are. Your story may be one of tragedy, it may be one of mistake, or it may be one of triumph. Whatever your story is, you need someone on your side, who will know your story completely, someone who will dedicate themselves to telling it, someone who will not rest until your story is told. Let us tell your story.

9.4William W. Kurtz Jr.

Areas of Practice

  • Premises Liability

  • Criminal Defense

  • Family Law

Danny G.

Mr. Kurtz got us a fair settlement after my wife's devastating car accident. He negotiated with the insurance companies and the medical providers to get our medical bills reduced. He has a thorough knowledge of the workings of the the insurance trade. I would recommend him in the event you have an accident.

Mac H.

I used Will Kurtz to handle my case, and he did a fantastic job. He kept me informed at every step of the process so I knew exactly what was going on. He provided me with great advice and really demonstrated that his main concern was helping me. He made everything so easy for me, I would definitely recommend Will Kurtz to anyone.

Praksiolda B.

William Kurtz is an excellent attorney. He helped me in a very stressful time of need. He made sure I was taken care of by the best doctors and I was treated fairly by the insurance company. I would highly recommend Will for any car accident case.

Sue W.

I hired Will to take over a car accident case. My original attorney never called me, and had me do the leg work. When I switched to Will and he immediately took charge and had everything settled quickly. He kept me up to date on everything he was doing. I couldn’t be more pleased that i was referred to him. He was there for me when i had lost hope. Thanks Will.

Alice K.

An attorney who cares and gets amazing results.